Enhancing attitude, skills and knowledge in oncology biosimilars

Free education surrounding oncology biosimilars in the treatment of cancer

What is ASK?

ASK consists of dynamic, interactive and multi-format educational activities including real-world evidence-based case studies and abstract summaries, an educational handbook, learning chapters, webinars, and a resource library.

Led by expert international faculty and designed for members of the oncology multi-disciplinary team (MDT) involved in treating patients with cancer, including hospital-based pharmacists, nurses and oncologists.

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Equip learners with the latest knowledge in oncology biosimilars to promote best clinical practice for treating patients with cancer.


Led by expert faculty

Multi-format education

Core handbook

Includes chapters on stability, immunogenicity, pharmacovigilance and biosimilars in clinical practice

Expert webinars

Watch experts discuss using biosimilars with real-world cases

Real world evidence: Case studies

A series of regional case studies reflecting on the adoption of biosimilars within different healthcare systems

Resource libraries

A selection of evidence-based and peer-reviewed literature with summaries of key guidance of biosimilar use

Learning chapters

Enhance your learnings on the use of biosimilars and test your knowledge with our mini-quizzes

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