Enhancing attitude, skills and knowledge in oncology biosimilars

Free education surrounding
oncology biosimilars
in the treatment of solid tumours

What is ASK?

Led by expert international faculty and specifically designed for hospital-based pharmacists in Western Europe, Canada and Japan involved in the treatment of patients with solid tumours.

ASK consists of dynamic, interactive, and multi-format educational activities, including educational handbooks, learning chapters, webinars, and resource libraries.

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Led by expert faculty

Multi-format education

Core handbook

Developed with expert faculty, this 10-chapter handbook is designed to equip you with the knowledge in monoclonal antibody biosimilars to promote best clinical practice of treating patients with solid tumours

Includes chapters on stability, immunogenicity, pharmacovigilance and biosimilars in clinical practice

Learning chapters

Enhance your learnings on the use of biosimilars and test your knowledge with our mini-quizzes

Expert webinars

Watch experts discuss using biosimilars with real-world cases

Resource library

A selection of evidence-based and peer-reviewed literature with summaries of key guidance of biosimilar use

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